Resource Database

There were a number of articles and a resources that I found useful when developing VideoAppShack from an idea into a business.

Cisco - Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update

An insight into what the mobile internet is being used for and a look into the future. Over half of mobile internet traffic has been video since 2012 and Cisco predict that this will grow to 69% by 2018.

Brightcove - Whitepaper: Video Strategy Framework

A whitepaper by video hosting company Brightcove. It talks about their suggested delivery strategy and the importance of making your content available on mobile.

Roadfire Software (Josh Brown) - When to use PhoneGap versus developing a native iOS app

Overpass (Eric Wroolie) - The Big Decision: Phonegap vs Native

A couple of articles looking at benefits of using frameworks that package HTML5 apps as native apps. Both agree that this is great for prototyping and maintaining a cross-platform codebase, but in production you'd be silly not to go native.

Company Hierarchy

Forbes (David Amerland) - Business Agility: Is The Company Hierarchy Holding You Back?

Venture Beat (Jeff Bussbang) - Launching a start-up? Do it without titles

A couple of articles talking about the benefits of running a company without an internal hierarchy, allowing the company to be agile and adaptive.


AppMachine - Native Apps

A page on the AppMachine website that details their development process.

Mobile Roadie - Capabilities

A document describing the capabilities of the Mobile Roadie platform.

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