VideoAppShack: Values

It's important to define some company values that should always be considered in the day-to-day running of the company.

No compromise on user experience

The quality of the end product will define how successful our company is. By ensuring our client's viewers have a great user experience, it'll instill the viewer's confidence in our client and therefore our client's confidence in us.

Embrace learning

As a company we should remain adaptable and always encourage our employees to perform to the best of their ability. New techniques and methods should be recognised and researched to ensure we remain on the cutting edge.

Utilise emerging technologies

The technology industry is incredibly fast paced. The lines between conventional television and internet based video are blurring every day. Technologies like Chromecast allow you to stream content from an app on your phone directly onto the TV in front of you, which improves the viewing experience greatly.

Other devices such as Android TV allow you to install apps using the same framework as Android phones.

Maintain an adaptive company structure

A company is a sum of it's parts. I want to encourage collaboration in my team which is why I don't want to enforce an internal hierarchy, at least in the company's formative period. While the company is small and just getting started, I feel it's important that each member of the team should have the opportunity to be involved in areas that aren't necessary within the scope of their job title.

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