VideoAppShack: Unique Selling Points

Having looked at competitors and learning from personal experience, I've identified a few key points that would give VideoAppShack a competitive advantage.

True native applications

As mentioned in my competitor analysis, other app creation platforms tend to take shortcuts in order to simplify their codebase. They do this by using frameworks that package websites as native apps, which has detrimental effects on both performance and user experience.

In order to output the highest quality video apps VideoAppShack will create apps using only the official frameworks.

By removing any performance bottlenecks imposed by unsupported frameworks and ensuring we adhere to UI guidelines for each platform, we can make sure the user experience is great.


No one else focuses on delivering video. By prioritising video we can craft a user interface that puts content at the forefront. Similar to video-on-demand apps such as BBC iPlayer or Sky Go.

This also means we can spend time implementing features that other platforms can't deliver; such as Chromecast support, notifying viewers of new videos, offline viewing and more.

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