VideoAppShack: Minimum Viable Product

The nature of the VideoAppShack platform means it is extensible. Updates can easily be made to offer new features to our customers. Though, our focus on quality means it'd be silly to cram everything into the first release.

Miniumum Viable Product

A minimum viable product should have the highest return on investment versus risk.

For VideoAppShack I would consider the following features to be essential.

  • Cloud based (highly resilient, accessible from anywhere)
  • Build native apps
  • Automated build process
  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Support for YouTube content
  • At least one high quality and well tested template
  • One pricing plan for individual apps
  • Usage analytics

Looking to the future

I have a number of ideas that I think would be great additions to VideoAppShack.

  • Advertising support

    • Flexible monetisation of content
  • Push notifications

    • Engage viewers, notify them of new content
  • Flexible pricing plans

    • Yearly subscriptions
    • Company/agency accounts
  • Bespoke app design

    • Work with in-house designers to craft a bespoke experience that lives on the VideoAppShack platform.
  • Offline viewing

    • Allow viewers to download content to watch later
  • Live streaming

    • Live stream an event as it happens
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