• FTP delete a folder using PHP

    Had to do this for a project recently. If you've any experience with FTP you'll know it's not the most efficient of protocols. If you want to make changes to a file or folder you have to deal with each file individually.

  • Battleships

    Managed to finish my Battleships game and get the majority of the features completed. I left it quite late as I was busy with other work so as a result the graphics were somewhat neglected. I may not have come up with the most efficient way of coding it, but it got the job done. Included everything bar networking; doesn't tickle my fancy just yet.

  • Digital Tattoo

    With this task, I wanted to keep it relatively simple and concentrate on making it look like an actual tattoo. Whereas other have filled the entire area with text, I chose to include just a few words.

    It's definitely not the best photoshopped tattoo but it's not too bad considering the brief and the time in which I did it.

  • Blog Review

    Since starting this module, we've covered topics I'd expected but a lot more came as a surprise. In the first week we were asked to explore the idea of being a "cyborg", exploring the definition to a point I hadn't considered before. We thought about the extent that we would consider different technologies to be part of our lives. Whether we would think of them as a cognitive or a physical prosthesis. I found this a little strange at first, but it was only a taster of things to come.

  • Monk abuse

    Stumbled across this nice little story whilst researching the electrical telegraph:

    Jean-Antoine Nollet, the Abbot of the Grand Convent of the Carthusians in Paris decided to test his theory that electricity traveled far and fast. He did the natural thing on a fine spring day in 1746, sending 200 of his monks out in a line 1 mile long. Between each pair of monks was a 25-foot iron wire.

    Once the reverend fathers were properly aligned, Nollet hooked up a battery to the end of the line and noted with satisfaction that all the monks started swearing, contorting, or otherwise reacting simultaneously to the shock.

    A successful experiment: an electrical signal can travel a mile and it does so quickly. Of course, this is the kind of experiment you can only run once as your monks may prove less-than-cooperative the second time around. So, in another demonstration he discharged a Leyden jar in front of King Louis XV at Versailles by sending current through a chain of 180 Royal Guards. The King was both impressed and amused as the soldiers all jumped simultaneously when the circuit was completed.

    Source: http://chem.ch.huji.ac.il/history/nollet.html

  • Public Intervention

    We had a couple of cool ideas for this, we settled on creating stickers to raise awareness of public surveillance.

    It's not something I feel particularly strongly about and I felt pretty uncomfortable putting the stickers up. I wasn't a massive fan of this task.

  • Digital Signature

    I chose the font Helvetica as it's widely regarded the most legible of typefaces, and is generally nice looking.

    Didn't realise we were allowed to use colour, so I used a cutout effect to make it a bit more interesting to look at. Chose to make it all lower-case as it's informal and approachable.

  • The Hangover - in four minutes

    This was supposed to be a crowd sourcing project, but I suppose our group jumped the gun a bit when we were shown 'sweding'. We just wanted to have a laugh.

    We set out with a rough plan, giddy at the thought of Andy in a jockstrap being on YouTube for everyone to see. We'd managed to get the majority of filming done before the next session, where we were shown sites/projects such as the Johnny Cash Project. A lot of other groups decided to base there's on the same concept, posting messages and events on Facebook to try and get people involved.

    It was too late to try and change our game plan so we stuck with it and filmed a few more scenes. You can see the result below:

  • One Page Website - The Process

    Just putting the finishing touches on my one page website, thought I'd write a post about the kind of process I went through in designing and making it.

    Admittedly, I've been doing stuff like this for a few years now so I've got a bit of a head-start on most, though that's not to say everything is perfect.

  • Burning House

    Flat mates are burning fish fingers again; what should I try and save this time?