VideoAppShack is a platform for creating high quality, native, video-on-demand apps to help put your brand on your viewers’ homescreen.

VideoAppShack is a cloud-based service that allows video content producers to create and manage their own branded video apps simply and efficiently.

In the last couple of years the online video industry has seen huge growth. Websites like YouTube and Vimeo make it easy for producers to get a start, and many of these evolve from videos created for fun into full blown businesses. Some reportedly pulling in well over $1 million yearly (Business Insider)

As new brands grow and old ones adapt, they should all be looking at ways to deliver to their viewers and engage with them. Mobile is emerging as one of the most popular ways to view content, especially on the go. A Cisco report states that over 50% of mobile internet traffic is video and they forecast that this will grow to 69% by 2018.

In addition, research shows that mobile and tablet users are three times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users (NPD).


The idea for VideoAppShack comes from experience with both Video Production and Mobile App Development. During my placement year I was working with a company called Blue Juice who primarily focus on video production, but have in recent years have evolved into a comprehensive digital media agency.

The bulk of Blue Juice’s business is filming and production, but they can also help you devise content delivery strategies. During my time there we picked up clients that had a steady stream of video content being published that they ultimately wanted to be delivered through a branded experience to their mobile users. As an agency we offered bespoke apps, but it takes time to build these and some of our customers might not be able to afford this.

VideoAppShack will open up the video-on-demand market by providing the platform to create video focused apps, without the time and expense associated with contracting an agency.

Mission statement

To provide a platform that allows the creation of the highest quality native video apps, to help our customers deliver their content and engage their viewers; without ever writing a line of code.

Vision statement

We create the tools that allow our customers to build the highest quality mobile video-on-demand apps without ever writing a line of code.

Key features

Low maintenance

VideoAppShack plugs into your existing content provider (such as YouTube, Brightcove) and updates automatically whenever you publish new content. No need to modify your workflow.

Engage your viewers

Let your viewers know when you publish new content. Engage with them using push notifications and social media plugins.

Your app

You choose what the app will look like. We’ll provide a number of high quality, well tested templates with a number of customisation options. You provide the signing certificates, which means you can publish to app stores under your own account.