In our first Venture Culture session we were asked to complete a couple of questionnaires to help us determine how we would fit into a team.

One of these was to determine our Belbin Team Role, and the other was a Multiple Intelligence Test which is based on Howard Gardners MI Model.


Belbin - (pdf)

According to the Belbin Questionnaire I’m a tied Chair Persion and Company Worker, with Completer Finisher coming a close second. I think this is quite accurate as I often fall into an organisational/leadership role, but I’m also not afraid get stuck in either.

Multiple Intelligences - (pdf)

The MI test gave me a top score for Musical, with Bodily-Kinesthetic and Interpersonal tied second. I also found this quite accurate, I’m a very musical person; I always work with music in the background and I’ve been involved in bands since I was 13.