As part of our Creative Industries module, we were required to liaise with and create a product or solution for Tamar Grow Local.

Our group came up with a few ideas, but eventually settled on the idea of creating an app to encourage people to start home-growing their fruit and vegetables. TGL have already produced a vegetable planting guide, but it's served as a PDF and is quite complex to read. We wanted to use the information already available from this guide and add an interactive layer to it.

Our concept was this:

  • Allow users to create a virtual garden containing all of the fruit and veg that they're growing.
  • Show users information relevant to planting the garden, such as tips and tricks.
  • Push Notifications to let the user know when you need to perform a certain action.
  • Local Allotment finder. A map showing the locations of Allotments managed by Tamar Grow Local
  • Local Produce finder. A mirror of the food map available on the TGL website.

Initially the app will be developed for Android only as that's the only platform we have experience with.