Since starting this module, we've covered topics I'd expected but a lot more came as a surprise. In the first week we were asked to explore the idea of being a "cyborg", exploring the definition to a point I hadn't considered before. We thought about the extent that we would consider different technologies to be part of our lives. Whether we would think of them as a cognitive or a physical prosthesis. I found this a little strange at first, but it was only a taster of things to come.

In a way this module's pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit and forced me to explore ideas and movements that I wouldn't have considered before. For example, one that really made me feel uncomfortable was the art intervention. Our group decided to place stickers around town spreading the idea of being watched constantly by CCTV. It wasn't really a subject I was passionate about, and though I'm quite outgoing normally, the idea of expressing this in public made me feel uneasy.

In all, we've covered some really interesting topics and it's helped further my insight into the world of digital art. When I (and no doubt others) signed up, I'd assumed digital art referred to the digital creation of art. This is covered but it's much more about trying to inspire us and find an area we want to expand in.